Sunday 26 September 2021

Not now Death, I'm Busy

Never paint your last miniature, it could be fatal. Once upon a time, I had a huge lead mountain that was becoming a millstone around my neck and cluttering up the house. I made a conscious effort to reduce the pile and only buy what I intended to paint. But increased lockdown productivity and a lack of trade shows have reduced my lead pile to dangerous levels. It's time I bought more miniatures, on purely health grounds of course.

Judging from many conversations I have had over the years, I suspect that most of us have a lead mountain that is far from at risk of elimination. But just in case, keep some miniatures aside as life insurance. 


  1. Hello Lee,
    I've been spending the last couple of weeks catching up on your YouTube videos and have thoroughly enjoyed them. This one is really good and very true. I got to the worst position last week - 0 figures left. Awful position to be in. I wrote a bit about it on my own blog.
    Please keep up with the videos and blog.
    All the best

    1. Thank yu, glad you are enjoying my strange ramblings on youtube

  2. I have mainly followed the "only buy what I will paint" scenario over my gaming life, driven primarily by lack of disposable income - but I do now have a small lead mole hill. I am somewhat astounded by the obvious size of some gamers unpainted reserves though - one guy I follow said a few months back that he ahs forty ARMIES of unpainted figures - now that is a lead pile!

    1. Its easily done. To be fair most of my spare lead comes from overbuying for a project and I really ought to sell some of it off...but no project is ever truly 'finished' so I may want those figures at some point!!


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