Sunday 18 April 2021

Encouraging the Next Generation of Wargamers

How do we get the next generation involved in Historical Wargaming? Well I believe we have to start when they are very young, and that means preparing the children closest to us; our own! Today's video on Miniature Adventures suggests some simple advice on how to encourage our children to take an interest in gaming and history in the hopes that one day the two will come together and they will enter the hobby. But in the end, we can't force them to become wargamers, all we can do is set the right conditions to instill something of our own passion for the hobby in them. 

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  1. Hello Lee and greetings from an Honourary Reject in Canada. Thanks for this video, I found it inspiring because I have grandchildren (ages 5 to 1) and am starting to see them get interested in what I do. As a wargaming vicar, I found a lot of your advice echoed our own discussions about the church and where the next generation will come from. All your advice is quite transferable! Very best, Michael

    1. Glad you enjoyed the video. Both my girls play tabletop games but mostly RPG's. But I can still get a game of Frostgrave out of my youngest from time to time. I had better enjoy it while I can because she's getting to that age where gaming isn't her top priority. To be fair, she's heavily into revision and exams at the moment so I guess I can cut her some slack!


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