Wednesday 1 July 2020

US .30cal MMG Teams

This week I have been working on some .30cal MMG teams for my US forces in Chain of Command. I have been very busy with work over the last couple of weeks, so this was all I had the energy to attempt. The models are from Peter Pig and are wonderfully detailed. They will give me some much needed optional support for my US infantry platoons. 

The .30cal was a medium machine gun and was used in various functions throughout the war, being fitted in aircraft, coaxially in vehicles and as a company support weapon for infantry. In its infantry support role, it usually came with a low slung tripod and weighed in at about 31lb. Actually, there were various versions of the gun because it was quickly found to be too heavy to be easily moved, but too light for a sustained fire role. Later versions had a heavier barrel and tripod and were serviced by a crew of five men; a squad leader; a gunner and assistant gunner and two ammunition carriers

These teams just feature the gunner and his assistant but I can put three other figures with them to make the whole fire team. I now have enough 'spare' Leader figures and riflemen to make up whatever combinations I need. 

I'm not sure what I'm painting next... I have recently received an order of Germans to add to my Panzergrenadier platoon so I may start on those next. I'm also giving some thought to buying the figures for a third platoon, possibly British or Canadian, I have yet to make up my mind. Hmmm, maybe I'll spend some time today spending some money. That'll cheer me up! 


  1. Great work Lee. Looking forward to a game with these!

    1. Was that a hint? Lol

      I completed a big project for work yesterday and, assuming there isn't any follow up, I may have a little more time over the coming days to start play testing with the rules.


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