Tuesday 17 September 2019

Another Autumn Skirmish

Sunday morning and I could be found heading south of the river towards Sidcup, and that could only mean Skirmish. This is the Autumn iteration of the twice-yearly 'Toy Soldier Show' held in Sidcup Grammer school. It's not a big event, with less than a dozen display games and traders, but I always seem to come away from this event with something. As usual, I took my camera and shot a load of pictures but to be honest I spend more time chatting to friends than I actually do shopping. This time I was making a flying visit as I had the family in tow and we were heading out for the day. I still managed to take a few pictures.

Colonel Bills - Postie looking to spend more money....and a view of Rays posterior sticking out from behind another customer.  

The Trader Hall has been half-empty for the last three or four shows. I just hope it's not a trend as this could kill off what is otherwise an enjoyable little show.  

A display of Sudan War uniforms and equipment. This show usually has a 'theme' with an interesting display of period items and adds another interesting angle to this diverse little event. 

Some of the memorabilia can be quite rare and not often seen outside a museum

Old Guard Wargames Club - Playing Peter Pigs Spanish civil war rules (Ideology & bayonet)

Skirmish Wargames 

Painting and Modeling section. Always interesting for a chat and exchange of ideas

Milton Hundred Wargaming Club running a Bolt Action game - Operation Sealion: Conflict in Kent 

The Bring and Buy Stand

The Privateers of London - The Battle of the Yellow Sea - 1/3000 Scale Pre Dreadnought naval game

And of course some obligatory T-Shirt purchases from Art of War.

The show did seem a little smaller this time. There were a couple of noticeable absences in the Game Hall and as previously mentioned the Trade hall has been a little underwhelming for a while. I still enjoy this event though as I get to meet a lot of friends here and spend more time chatting than I do viewing games and shopping.

I do feel that small shows like this need to be supported as they are the lifeblood of small clubs and provide an easily accessible route for 'local' gamers to engage with clubs and traders. I understand that some traders just can't continue to attend when events get too small, but I hope that this isn't a downward trend for this event. 


  1. Great pictures and I agree that these small shows are so important. I like the 'push of pike' t-shirt :-)

    1. One of my (large of collection of) Art of War shirts. I always pick up a new one when I see them at a show.

  2. It really does look like a little gem of a show.

    1. It's a good one but it has faded a little in the last couple of years. Some traders stopped coming and for the first time there were fewer games on display. I hope it's a blip and things pick up for the next show in the spring (mid march usually).

  3. Nice pics, but did you *really* have to include that one of Ray twerking? Some things are best left unseen :)

    1. "Some things are best left unseen"... It's a phrase that often comes to mind in the shed-o-war!


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