Monday 27 May 2019

"Your Graveyard is in the Post"

Way back in April I headed off to Salute 2019 with a very long shopping list. One of the items I wanted was a set of 15mm gravestones to accompany a church I have for my Normandy setup. I wanted to get the MDF 4Ground ones but by the time I got to their stand they had sold out. Thankfully though they offered to order them for me and send post free, so I paid for them and tucked the receipt into my wallet... and then promptly forgot all about it. Then last week I received an email from an unknown email address with the above-mentioned subject line and for a moment several thoughts passed through my head, including "This is a rather unusual spam email...", "The local undertakers have taken marketing to a new level...", "My wife has bought me a plot and not told me about it!!",  and finally (as the penny dropped) "Hang on a minute, didn't I buy something at Salute...".

A few days later a little package arrived in the post and settled the question, it was my order from 4Ground, a little later than expected but non-the-less welcome. So I have worked up the gravestones and made five bases that can be arranged however I need them around my Church building. 

Although these come 'ready painted' I needed to give them a lick of grey to cover the burned MDF edges and make the stones look a little more realistic. There are several fresh plots...maybe one of them is mine and the wife hasn't told me yet. I wonder if this has anything to do with the Insurance documents she had me sign a few weeks ago?!*

*Incidentally our Will's give everything to the surviving partner, so technically she's the half owner of a very impressive Lead Mountain. Strangely she didn't look terribly impressed when I pointed this out to her. 


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