Monday 20 May 2019

More terrain for 6mm wargaming

Following on from the Hills I made last week I have been trying to make a selection of different terrain types that can be used in my 6mm games using the To the Strongest! ruleset by Simon Miller. For these small terrain item's I have used 70mm rounded edge bases as these fit just inside the 75mm squares on the game mat I am using.

  • Rocky Outcrop - This is classed as Impassable Terrain and is tall enough to block line of sight for units at ground level. Troops on low hills, however, can see over this type of terrain. 
  • Vegetation - Thick ground vegetation such as bushes, briars or heather is counted as broken ground because it impedes movement. This counts as rough terrain to mounted and phalangitae, only and doesn’t block line of sight.
  • Boulder Field - This is Broken Ground which means that only skirmish units can pass through it. While the broken ground may make the movement of formed units impossible it isn't sufficiently elevated to block line of sight. Boulder fields do provide cover. 
  • Muddy field - This is classed as Broken Ground and counts as rough terrain to mounted troops and phalangitae, only. 
  • Marsh - Like the lake this flat terrain feature doesn't block line of sight or provide cover, but it is classed as Rough Terrain. 
  • Lake - Again classed as Impassable Terrain but being flat does not provide cover or block line of sight. 

Between these, the hills I made last week, and the rivers I bought some time ago, I now have quite a lot of suitable scenery for my TtS! games. Now I just need to get on and play some more games! 


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