Wednesday 3 April 2019

Countdown to Salute 2019

There are just a few days to go before the biggest one day Wargaming Show in the UK calendar. Salute has become a firm favourite of mine, especially since it moved practically on my doorstep. As usual, I will be attending with Ray and Stuart of Posties Rejects and like last year we have been granted early access to see behind the scenes as the show sets up. The three of us will be wearing our Rejects shirts so if you see us please come over and say hello. 

As in previous years, Ray has put the call out for a Blogger Meet Up so those of us that talk often online get to meet in the real world for a change. It's a bit earlier this year, as in previous years we seem to have clashed with other groups gatherings. 

Blogger Meet UP - 12 o'clock at the Big Red Dot!

For me, the show is all about eye candy and shopping. I buy a lot at this show and even with the entry fee and the extortionate parking costs I still always make a saving on postage costs. I have several traders in my sights this year and have already started making a mental list of items I want to check out and buy. I expect I'll go home laden down with goodies and with a camera filled with photo's to enthuse and inspire me in coming months. I'll try to get my pictures online as soon as I can. 


  1. As already mentioned I shall not be attending but I wish all involved well.

    1. Totally understand mate, Salute isn't for everyone. It is definitely an 'acquired' taste.

  2. I'm running a Fistful of Lead game, but I'll see if I can slink away.-J

  3. Nearly there Lee, nearly there!


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