Tuesday 22 May 2018

Tubes for my Game Mats

Over the years I have bought several game mats, some get used some don't, but all cost good money and until now have been rolled up and crumpled in a corner due to lack of storage space. So last week I made the long overdue decision to buy some cardboard postal tubes in which to store my mats. It took a while to find something suitable that was a) big enough to fit 4ft wide mats, b) cheap enough not to break the bank and c) in stock! 

Here's a tip, if you can buy 'in bulk' (usually five or more) the unit cost is much much cheaper. The company I bought from sold five tubes for the same price that two singles would have cost. I'm not complaining because it means I was able to get five 5ft tubes for just under a fiver each. Not too bad and an investment if it means my mats are properly protected (at long last). 


  1. Does this mean you'll need to buy more mats?

  2. I popped into a local carpet store and they allowed me to scavenge some carpet inner tubes for free. They're easily cut to size, although a bit bulky.


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