Wednesday 9 May 2018

Land of the Lost Blogroll

I don't know quite how, but I have managed to accidentally delete my entire blogroll from Feedly (the Reader app I rely on). Four hundred and fifty blogs, many of which I have followed for years, have now vanished from my reading list... Eeek!!! 

I have found a way to restore them but its a slow process so apologies if I miss your posts over the next 24 hours. I'm working hard to restore them all but I still can't believe how easy it was for me to remove them from my reader. 


  1. The blogroll has become a bogroll.

  2. I am curious to see how you are restoring this, as I do not see an obvious export/import function on Feedly.


    1. I'm working through my Recently Read list and manually re-following blogs. The list goes back years so with a little patience I am recovering the list. I reckon I have recovered about 80% so far with the majority that remains being 'dormant' and inactive sites. Its taken a few hours but I guess that's the price of stupidity!

  3. Wow! That's a lot of Blogs to disappear. I haven't posted in a while but I am still hanging in there. cheers

  4. Gosh that sounds really frustrating. good luck with your "restoration" project

  5. I've managed to recover most of the lost blogs. Sadly though I found that of the original 450 at least 50 are 'dead' (no posts in over a year).

  6. Good luck in resurrecting your blogroll.

  7. I finally found the way to import/export your Feedly sources - On the left of the page, by Feeds, there is a gear to click on which should bring up the Organize page. The Import button is obvious, but next to that button is an arrow, which is the Export OPML command.


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