Thursday 27 July 2017

War and Peace 2017

I've been to the War and Peace living history event, the largest gathering of military vehicles (outside of an army base) in the world. I had originally planned to go on Tuesday which was bathed in glorious sunshine but my work schedule changed and I ended up going today instead. Aside from one small rain shower its been a great day with an amazing array of military vehicles on display. As usual there were lots of excellently restored jeeps and trucks but also this sort of event also attracts several unique and very rare machines.

War and Peace also has one of the biggest Militaria markets and if you own a historic vehicle you can find pretty much anything here. Its a fascinating place to explore and its like walking though a museum where you can handle the exhibits and, if you have deep pockets, own a bit of history.

War and Peace is back at Paddock Wood in Kent

A Sherman that has been used as a range target

Evidence of multiple hits from modern penetrative 'darts' from discarding sabot rounds 

Inside the Model Marquee

A Bira Gun

A few items for sale...

Rear view of a CVRT recovery tank

Valentine DD Tank

Leopard MBT

Leopard Main Battle Tank

German Nebelwerfer 

SdKfz 2, better known as the Kettenkrad

A German filed repair of a halftrack

American armour

The M3 Stuart

Sherman with a cast hull

Another Sherman this time with a welded hull

Vietnam era American Artillery piece

Ford Carrier...I love these. I'll put this on my Christmas list...

A German Sturmgeschütz III

A very rare original Marder SPG built from a Czechoslovak 38t Hull.  

Two VW Kübelwagen taking part in a big battle reenactment

German AT Gun takes out an American Greyhound AC

American Half Track

Opel Blitz in German service.

The Leopard MBT

Bruce Crompton riding in a Russian T34

FV432 armoured personnel carrier

CVRT Recovery Tank


  1. Great photos of some rare tanks. Isn't that "Sherman" used for target practice a Canadian "Ram" tank?

  2. Nice collection. But I always find people in civilian clothes on the tanks to be a BIG distraction.

    I would really have liked to see a Dukw, or a LVT4 (Buffalo). We all have out own preference of course and the Valantine DD was a treat.

  3. That range target is an ultra rare Canadian Ram tank

  4. Some excellent pictures, partly making up for the fact that I couldn't go!


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