Tuesday 4 July 2017

Frostgrave Terrain Conversions

Back in April I bought the Frostgrave rules and recently I decided that many of my old Dungeons and Dragons models could be easily converted to fit this setting. Today I started doing just that by adding some ice and snow effects to terrain pieces and figures that were originally painted for a decidedly warmer setting.

I have tried out a new product (well, new to me). Tamiya Diorama Texture Paint, in this case Snow Effect / White. This material is sort of like a paste that can be diluted with water but dries quite hard. This means it can be brushed onto a model with a little water to make it pliable and sticky. When the water dries off the finished effect is quite hard and durable and is therefore ideal for adding to bases or terrain pieces. I brushed it over existing painted 'grass' bases and over rock to simulate frost, with thicker clumps in recesses and on some flat areas to replicate snow that hadn't melted. One of the good things about this paint is that it can be applied over pretty much any surface, including previously dry layers of snow. This means its possible to add snow until you get the right look. 

Quite a lot of the 'fantasy' terrain I have can also be 'iced up' in this fashion. Old resin terrain that hasn't seen the light of day for many years is getting a new lease of life with just the addition of some snow.

The rocks and standing stones are from Ainsty Castings and are probably over 10 years old. Some of the broken pillars and fallen statutes are old Lord of the Rings terrain items by Games Workshop. 

I also started on a few figures just to see how the snow effect looked on these. I'm pretty happy with the finished result and will work through my remaining collection of fantasy models in the coming weeks.


  1. Have you tried Open Combat as well? No need to redo all your bases.

  2. No problem re-doing the bases. But also no real need. Nothing to say It cannot be in the Jungle, or desert or English farmland (But you have to make a ruling on why it has been left alone... perhaps a poison gas cloud!)


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