Thursday 17 December 2015

TtS! game mat

I have a 'well developed' game mat collection including two of the old Games Workshop mats. I've never used either of them and decided that one would make an ideal To the Strongest! game mat...with the careful use of some dressmaking scissors and a marker pen! I was all ready for this to become a highly technical disaster but in the end it took just 15 minutes, a little patience and a bit of swearing under my breath. 

I have done nothing with the material other than mark the grid pattern out with dots which was a lot simpler than I had anticipated. I will make another mat at a later date with some patterning on it but for now this simple game mat will let me play test the rules with my growing collection of Punic War figures. 

All my models are based on 30x60 bases so I have opted for a 2 ft x 3 ft playing surface divided into 3" squares. Each square can accommodate two stands of small or light troops easily.


  1. So, how does the game handle movement?

    1. Hi fmb, foot units move one box, mounted two (further when marching). In a unique activation system, units can potentially move (and shoot and melee) multiple times during a turn. There's a good description of a game here:
      Best, Simon

  2. Looks great Lee! Drop me a line when you are thinking about making hills, I have some that might suit you.

  3. Just occasionally GW get it right. I know, I know but they do sometimes.

  4. Played a few games of TtS. A very good system :)


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