Wednesday 20 May 2015

More Smoke Markers

I'm currently waiting for some more models to arrive (z scale railway track all the way from Japan!) but in the meantime I couldn't just sit around and do nothing. My idle hands have therefore been employed making more smoke markers for my 6mm WWII games. I already have a load made up and ready to use but I reasoned I could never have enough... who knows how much carnage and destruction could happen in the course of a game?!?


I used my tried and trusted method detailed in my Smoke and Flame post...basically glue clump foliage together, dunk in PVA, allow to dry and then spray paint. I made several small clouds, fixed to metal washers for stability. These can be used on buildings or other small targets. I also made three large billowing smoke clouds for bigger buildings or burning supply dumps. These use small polystyrene balls (the sort found in 'craft' stores) as the core with clump foliage on the outside. This makes them very light and keeps the centre of gravity quite low thereby improving stability. 


  1. These look real fine, may have to copy you for our buildings


  2. I feel guilty that I have not made any of these. Perhaps this weekend! Nice one mate.

  3. Top work, Lee! They look really great!

  4. Oooh, I like those large billowing markers using the polystyrene balls. Great tip Lee, thanks!


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