Thursday 24 July 2014

War and Peace - Pt 3 WWII Allied Vehicles

Continuing my photo review of this years War and Peace show which I was lucky enough to be able to attend last week. Today I'm posting some pictures of Allied Second World War armour and other vehicles. I have picked one picture of each but if you want to see them all (nearly 500 of them!) then follow this link to view the Web Album.

Centaur Dozer from the Cadman Collection

Valentine IX DD Tank

One of many Universal (Bren) Carriers seen at this years event

This M10 Achilles was let out for a run quite a lot

Another Carrier in excellent condition and running order

And another...

And another...

In fact this was the largest gathering of Carriers in the UK since the vehicle was withdrawn from active service with the army. 

This is the only running example of a Grant Tank in the UK at present. It was a former range target and the current owner got it running and decided to leave its scarred hull alone. This is one tough tank. 

Leyland Comet A34
A Sherman Beach Armoured Recovery Vehicle

Stuart M5A1 light tank

Stuart M5A1 light tank and the heavier M4A1 Sherman

International M9A1 Half Track built in 1942

The Ford GPA 'Seep' (from Seagoing Jeep), was an amphibious version of the WWII Ford GPW Jeep

A US amphibious vehicle, the Studebaker Weasel M29

And now for something a bit different...A fully working replica of a Polish TKS Tank
Tomorrow I'll post pictures of the German vehicles on display. Ironically there were more of these at the show this year, but most are replicas rather than originals. They are still interesting and have a role to play and of course new vehicles are being found and restored every year so maybe we will see more at future shows. 


  1. thank you so much for putting these pictures up,as living on the other side of the world ,never get the opportunity to attend an event like this..............cheers rob

  2. I have drooled over the computer screen enough now and shall fantasise on what vehicle I shall buy when I win the Lottery Jackpot and become the "Rich" Reject!

  3. Cracking photographs Lee, the range target Grant is an unbelievable sight!

  4. Excellent photo album Lee and many thanks indeed for takinh the time to edit and share with us all

  5. Lots of nice pictures, thanks!

  6. So many U-Carriers. Great to see.


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