Monday 11 November 2013

Blog-Con : Part the First

I'm back home and almost recovered from my trip 'up-north' to Nottingham for the first ever Blog-Con. Unfortunately I couldn't do the Saturday but there was no way I was going to miss out on the fun so I drove up Sunday Morning and back home in the evening. It was a long day, but worth every second. I've decided to split this into two posts because as usual I have far too many pictures to share in just one post (what, me?!)

I arrived before the doors opened and met James as he arrived, so I got inside before the day 'officially' started. Wargames Foundry have a great games space in the midst of their stock/shop/factory.
As well as a few pre-game chin-wag's there was also time to look at all the 'Shiney' on offer. I could already feel my resolve crumbling at this point.
As well as the games tables and the shop there are also several cabinets displaying excellently painted examples of models including this lovely WWI tank.
...and these Dwarves.
And of course some Napoleonic.
Ray, clutching a list from Postie, started his shopping early.
Fran seemed to have greater willpower than the rest of us, or maybe he was just hungover from the night before?
Blog-Con was a great opportunity to see some familiar faces. Many of the people I chatted with I know via their blogs but have never met in person. 
The first game of the day was a Wild West shoot-em-up called Blazing Dice by Dave Docherty.
This game had five players with each controlling either an individual character or a group. Each had their own agenda and objectives but all combined for a great game with lost of laughs and even more bullets!
The game gets underway. James was in charge of the local Lawman and his Deputy. I had 'The Man with No Name' and his prisoner (worth $25000 if I get him safely out of town on the train). Ray had three Pinkerton Agents determined to take my prisoner and the bounty for themselves. Loki had my prisoners three Brothers set on rescuing him. 
Lokis Gunmen opened the Stockade gates and started a stampede through the town!
Which rapidly got 'out of hand' ! 
Meanwhile Billy The Kid has a shootout with the Sheriff and his Deputy. 
Meanwhile I have been quietly moving my prisoner across town and have him secured on the train. I think I'm going to win this without firing a shot...
Suddenly there are Pinkerton's and the prisoners Brothers on either end of the train, I'm trapped! Fortunately they were too interested in fighting each other and I was able to pick my targets for maximum effect.
With the train now pulling out of town and all my enemies on the carriage either dead or unconscious I am declared the winner. Now all I have to do  is decide what to spend that $25,000 on!
Me with a copy of the rules and my victorious Cowboy.
I'll post some more pictures of the other game I played later this morning. All in all not a bad start to my trip to Blog-con, especially as my 'dice curse' seemed to have been banished for a change...


  1. Congrats on the win, Bigger congrats on breaking the dice curse. Blog Con looks great thanks for the pics. Maybe next year.

    1. My dice rolling was almost acceptable for a change!

  2. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pics, love the western atmosphere!

  3. Lovely photos. Looks a lot of fun, hopefully I'll be able to attend (with a couple of chums) next year.

  4. That Western set looks great! Next year...

  5. It was a joy to host my game for the bloggers. I certainly thought you may get away sneakily , but it was a close thing on the train!

  6. "Stampeding cattle"
    "That's not much of a crime"
    "Through the Vatican?"
    "Kinkyyyy! Sign here."

    Great pics Lee and well done on winning the game.

    1. I was rather chuffed. Its been a long time since I wone a game...a loooong time!

  7. Congrats on catching "The Last Train to Yuma"

  8. great pictures and was an ace game
    Peace James

  9. That game looked great. I'm glad to hear that your dice curse was lifted, and that you won to boot.

  10. Very nice pics. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Replies
    1. Damned Pinkerton's! I thought you had me there at the end.

  12. Did the others actually have dice? Just wonderin' . . . .

  13. Great stuff , looks like,a wonderful game and day had by all!

  14. Congrats with the win Lee! You had a good day! Thanks for sharing these pictures with us!



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