Friday 26 March 2010

My Flames of War Forces

As promised yesterday here's a picture of my painted Flames of War forces, thus far. I'm painting both sides at the moment, but I'm hoping to rope my brother-in-law (and prospective opponent) into some painting soon. The US forces shown here are the M10 tank Destroyer Platoon I wrote about yesterday and a small platoon of Shermans. For my Panzer Lehr tank Company I have a platoon of Panzer IV's, a Platoon of Stug G's and two Opel Maultier trucks.

Needless to say neither side makes an army but its a start. Now we have enough vehicles to play some basic games, learn the rules and decide where we want to go next.

My next painting project is a Panzergrenadier Platoon. I've been gathering reference photo's and colour schemes and now feel able to give this platoon the detail it deserves. However given the slow speed with which I complete projects, and the fact that I am going on holiday in a couple of weeks, I can't see this getting finished before the end of the month. I'll try my best though... promise.


  1. Nice looking armies so far! I plan on building two armies as well to try and get some of my friends into it.

  2. Very nice painted figures for FOW. I just got into the game myself and have started with American forces. I have a platoon of 5 Shermans and the M10 Tank Destroyer box as well. For artillery support - I'm looking at using the M8 Scott as it can fire both direct and indirect (seems versatile).

  3. Looks good Lee .... I am working on the 327th glider infantry for the Americans and a panzergrenadier company for the eastern front

  4. They look really nice Lee. I keep thinking about getting into FoW myself. I have some friends that have been playing it almost solidly for the last three years !

  5. Thanks for the positive feedback. I'm making rapid progress (well rapid for me) on my panzer grenedier platoon. I'll post pictures of my progress in a day or so.


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