Sunday 30 June 2024

Creative Distractions: Blogger, Vlogger, Wargamer

Am I a blogger who wargames, or a Wargamer who blogs? I've touched on this subject before but decided to discuss it in more detail today (I've had a couple of questions about this). I am happy with the mix of gaming and content creation that is 'My Hobby', but I am aware that I could game more if I wasn't writing blog posts or scripts for YouTube. However, I think the benefits of the social interactions from blogging and vlogging far outweigh the impact on gaming time.


  1. I know there's the youtube channel but I usually enjoy your weekly vlog via this site

  2. This post provides a thoughtful reflection on the balance between gaming and content creation. The author's introspective questioning of whether they are a "blogger who wargames" or a "wargamer who blogs" offers a fascinating insight into the intersection of hobbies and social interactions. Their acknowledgment of the social benefits gained from blogging and vlogging, despite the impact on gaming time, adds a relatable depth to the discussion. It's a compelling read for anyone navigating their own hobbyist passions.

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    2. 😆 I never know these days.

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