Sunday 10 September 2023

Irregular Unit Sizes

Does it really matter how many figures you have on base? When modelling units of nominally the same strength, does it really matter if you are one figure short?


  1. Does figure count matter? It depends upon a number of factors. For element-based games like Impetvs, I use the number of figures on a base to help identify troop type at a glance. Does it matter if element-based units are one figure short or one figure too many? I don't think so. I do prefer to see consistency on the table although I reckon I am often one figure short of a full unit in many of my gaming habits.

  2. No it doesn't matter. Unless the scale is one figure equals one soldier the base is always going to be a representative token. For example, 28mm foot knights based individually in a unit of 24 figures in a ratio of 1:20. I can cheerfully replace the individual knights with the same number of same sized bases full of 6mm knights and nothing changes. Each base will still represent 20 men and the ground scale remains the same. In 28mm if one casualty is suffered, remove one base... the same applies if I have bases with 6mm figs instead.


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