Wednesday 19 April 2023

Salute 2023 Blogger (& Vlogger) Meet-up

I'm going to be at Salute 50 on Saturday and, as usual, I will be loitering near the center of the hall at about 1pm for the 'traditional' Blogger meet-up. I thought I would widen the parameters a little this year to include those of you who also have a a YouTube Channel. Salute is a busy show with thousands of visitors, so randomly bumping into people you know or follow online isn't a very efficient way to meet up, hence the time and the map below!

Normally people gather for half an hour to say hello, swap stories and brag about their show bargains! So if you get time between eagerly spending money or playing in the many participation games, pop along to the area indicated on the map at about 1pm for a quick chat. 


  1. Big Lee,

    I suggested a slightly different location but the same time … but I’ve suggested on my blog that we go with your suggestion.

    Hope to see you there,


  2. Many regrets that I won't be there this year. I've overspent the last 3 months on terrain, in the main, but with some figures also. And I'm off the Atlanta again the next week. I'm taking a full suitcase of gaming essentials as I'm likely to away until next March. It may be two suitcases! Hopefully, I'll be able to attend Siege of Augusta 2024. Or, I believe, there is one in Jacksonville. Hope you all have a great time

  3. Hopefully I'll see you there.

  4. Going to Salute but not a blogger and have a lunch appointment; but I do wish you all well

  5. Hope to be there, got my ticket! Thanks for organising.


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