Tuesday 8 November 2022

Gallic Cavalry, Chariots & Heros

I have started preparing figures for this year's Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge which starts in late December. In the process, I found some stuff from last year that apparently didn't get finished in time. These Gallic Chariots and Cavalry had started to be painted but were still a long way from completion.  I guess I must have decided they couldn't be completed by the end of the challenge and put them aside. I can't enter them for this year's competition (that, of course, would be cheating) so instead, I decided to pull my finger out and get them finished...a year after starting them! 

I also painted a few extra mounted Cauari (heroes) and a couple of Corionos and Uellauni (Senior and sub-Generals or "chiefs of battle.") on the larger bases. They aren't my best work but they are good enough to play with and I'm just glad to add them to my current collection of Gauls. I just need to add some labels to the rear of the bases but that will have to wait as my printer has just run out of ink! 


  1. Excellent cavalry and chariots!

  2. Nice! 6mm Naked Gauls paint up fast!

    1. They are a bit messy but I'm blaming the big gap between starting and finishing them.

  3. Cheers...I wonder what else I'll find when I go through my other boxes from earlier Challenges?

  4. Good looking addition to the collection.

  5. Carentan
    Hi Lee I like read and watch the you tube. Just a bit of advice. Can you point me in the direction of reading material for carentan. I intend to bud a 15mm carrots. In the new year


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