Sunday 13 February 2022

The Travel Toolbox: Taking your Hobby on Holiday

Do you take your hobby on holiday with you? Setting aside the idea of bringing your painted armies to the beach is there some aspect of your hobby that comes with you when you travel. Maybe you bring a box of paints, assemble some figures or just catch up on your reading? Today I discuss some of the things I have done in the past, and my plans for my next holiday with the family. 


  1. Hi Lee, Yes I do take some figures to paint. I have an old tool box that I have had for years. Takes paint, brushes and figures.

  2. Its a brave idea Lee and I admit to doing something modestly similar many years ago (when I was young and before I knew better). If I tried it now with She Who Must Be Obeyed it might end up being a case of 'two went on holiday but only one came back'!


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