Sunday 4 July 2021

The Fog of War

If a general is doing his job correctly his orders given before and during the battle will play a decisive role in achieving the desired victory. But this aspect is often overlooked or oversimplified on the games table, reducing orders to a series of fixed actions that form the phases of a battle. But when orders are placed central to command and control in a game they can often lead to some unexpected results. The Fog of War can creep in and keeping control can be much harder than expected... and a lot more fun.

Please check out the Guest Blog that Richard wrote to describe the game.

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  1. Ha ha! I remember that Paddy Griffith article Against Toy Soldiers. Some very good points in that and in your video. The game you talk about sounds great fun. Maybe the enforced us of technology has opened up possibilities that would have been hard to achieve before. To get the same effect before Zoom-type tech would have required at least 3 rooms with teams of umpires keeping the players under control and passing communications around.


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