Thursday 16 April 2020

More from The Quarantined Wargamer

So a few weeks ago - back when all the brown stuff started hitting the fan here in the UK - I decided to revive my old YouTube Channel and started making some videos under the sobriquet The Quarantined Wargamer. Its been an interesting experience and I have been learning from video to video how to make a better job of my humble output. I'm no internet celebrity, and I'm no wargaming guru (far from it) but I am trying to make something that is interesting to listen to and maybe fun to watch...only time and viewing stats will tell! 

I won't be investing huge sums of money in the production of these little videos, but I have bought a few items which, combined with technology I already own, are slowly improving the quality of the rubbish I'm producing! A new collar microphone arrived today and that will hopefully solve the sound quality issues I have had. I've also invested in a really simple video editor so I can trim and insert multiple videos into a single edit. Not rocket science, and not (yet) top-quality production, but this is a learning curve and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. 

I hope you found that interesting, or at least amusing to watch. The very concept of this old geezer trying to get to grips with YouTube has proved endlessly funny to my daughter. What she doesn't realise is that I abandoned any pretence of normality or decorum years ago and I have no plans to change my ways any time soon! 

Needless to say, if you feel the urge to Subscribe to my channel that would be greatly appreciated (thanks to those that already have) and if you have any comments or suggestions please let me know either here or via the comments on youtube itself. 

Until next time, stay safe folks. 


  1. Hi Lee -- Which video editor did you choose? Any pros and cons now that you've used it a few times? Thanks.

    1. I downloaded the Free Microsoft Video Editor initially. The 'pro' upgrade was just a couple of quid and means I can trim individual videos, inset pictures, add text etc. Very simplistic, not high-end by any definition but just enough for what I want. Its main was cheep! So far the main negative is it seems to take a long time to convert finished projects into MP4 files ready for uploading. I may have a longer list of cons as I cone across things I want to do but can't... but I don't know what they might be yet.

  2. Lee , good stuff. An article on 6mm and to the strongest would be an idea for mid may


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