Monday 5 August 2019

Temporary Radio Silence

It's that time of year again and the Hadley household will be heading off on holiday for a couple of weeks. Consequently, the blog will fall silent for a little while (some people may even prefer it that way!). It's not complete radio silence though, as I will no doubt be posting a few pictures on facebook and twitter (I can't help myself). I have a list of archaeological sites and museums that I want to visit while we are away, so I'm sure I'll find plenty to take photos of during our stay. 

Its been a busy few months both personally and professionally and I'm looking forward to having a complete break from 'real-life' for a couple of weeks. The azure waters of the Mediterranian beckon, I have a pile of books to take away and, in between visiting historical sites, I expect to spend a lot of time resting, reading and recuperating!

I won't be completely idle on the wargaming front though. When I get back from the holiday the planning and preparation for this winters Analogue Painting Challenge begins in earnest. I have a large project planned and there are a lot of miniatures to be cleaned up and prepped for painting. I am also planning a series of games with my existing 6mm Punic War collection (more To the Strongest!) including taking it to the Shed-o-War for a 'big' game with some of the Rejects. I have a couple of new units for the Carthaginians to paint before that and need to get cracking with them as soon as I get back from holiday. I have a scenario planned and army lists prepped but as this will be a multiplayer game - and they will all be newbies to the rules - so I have some work to do to ensure the game runs smoothly. 

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