Monday 14 January 2019

Hannibal's Gallic Allies

After expanding the ranks of my Polybian Roman Army last week now its time to add some extra muscle to my Carthaginian army under Hannibal. The most famous of the Barcids, Hannibal always seemed to be outnumbered but he made up for it by gathering disaffected and outright rebellious roman 'subjects' and turning them against Rome. The march from Spain had severely depleted his army. Some estimates suggest that as much as 75% of his starting strength was 'lost' to battle casualties, garrisoning of parts of Cisalpine Gaul and disease (especially during the harsh Alpine crossing). 

When he arrived in Northern Italy Hannibal faced a region of Gallic tribes that had been brutally subdued by Rome and were naturally reluctant to turn on their powerful overlords. However after he had routed an army under Publius Scipio at the Battle of Ticinus nearly all the Gallic tribes switched to the Carthaginian cause. 

I already had three of these units painted but wanted the option to field more (I can take up to six using the army list in To The Strongest). I bought enough miniatures to build two more units. These are Deep units and can therefore take a lot of damage before being destroyed. The army list also gives me the option to upgrade some to Veteran units, making them even more formidable. 

Again I tried to match the work I did before but this time I think my color pallet for the shields was a little different. Some variation is fine and will enable me to easily see them if I do go for veterans. I can always argue that they are from a different allied tribe to the last lot. I also painted a dozen mounted commanders and heroes for my Gallic units. The bases of two are commanders and the singly based figures are heroes. These can be represented on the tabletop with a token but I'd rather have a figure instead. 

So by the end of week 4 of the Challenge I am well on my way towards my target. The points fest will slow a little now as I work on 'smaller' entries. I'm also finding being a Judge/Minion much more demanding (in a good way) than anticipated and of course that diverts me a bit from painting. But diversity is a good thing and I always find that my hobby is at its most creative and busy during the three months of the Challenge. 


  1. Lovely painting Lee, I seem to have missed this entry in the Challenge??? I'll go back and take a look.

  2. So remind me, what scale are these? Like your work. Couldn't access comments for some reason for quite a while here or you'd have heard more from me. Keep on gamin'

  3. 6mm make great warband bases !
    Bravo for painting !


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