Saturday 28 April 2018

A Quick Cromwell

A couple of weeks ago, while at Salute, I picked up a copy of What a Tanker! by TooFatLardies. I had a long chat with the guys before the show opened and was impressed with the simplicity of the rules that conceal a whole sub level of subtlety and nuance that make this look like a very interesting and fun game to play. My initial intention was to play using my 6mm tanks (and I may still do that) but for a first play test I decided to break out some of my 15mm tanks and terrain. Unfortunately I sold most of my vehicle collection a few years ago, keeping back a selection of models for display... only one of which had a rotatable turret. After a bit of thought I found this Cromwell in my cupboard of shame and last night I gave it a very quick paint job.

The whole model took less than an hour to paint, with a little overnight drying and a quick coat of varnish this morning. The turret is magnetised so I can rotate it and I even added some textured 'mud' to the tracks and lower hull. 

Now it's ready for action against my only other 'game ready' tank, a Panzer IV H, so I had better finish reading the rules!


  1. Just finished a Panzer 3 in 15mm for our club game tomorrow (I hope). While everything went right on the previous tank everything went wrong this time TWICE!
    Good to hear and see your success with the Cromwell.

  2. Nice. I was put off WAR by the price but may give it another look. I have some 1/50th scale tanks that would be just the ticket.

  3. Lee
    Been playing it lots at my local club, it's an entertaining set of rules. We're using some our our large 20mm collection of vehicles.


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