Monday 19 February 2018

Pineapple Chiefs: Target Acquired!

This was a fun Bonus round because I got to be a bit 'Childish' for the 'Childhood' round. I bought these figures last year and as soon as I saw the list of categories I knew exactly what I was going to paint. I bought these models from Colonel Bills but they are actually made by EMP Games for their Lost Horizon range.

The models are 28mm white metal and these two were wonderfully cast with virtually no mould lines or flash needing to be removed before painting. As usual I washed them in detergent before applying a brown undercoat. The beauty of fantasy miniatures is that some of the neglected colours from your pallet get a chance to be used, and these two guys are no exception.

These guys were not just fun to paint they represent a new personal best for my participation in the Challenge and more importantly took my points tally above my 1000 point target. I'm slightly amazed that I have managed to hit my objective, and more amazingly have done it with time to spare!

I have plenty more to paint but not quite enough to justify upping my target at such a late date. I have a load more Zulu's to finish off and they will keep me quite busy over the final weeks of the challenge. I also have a few odd units and some terrain items to work on but nothing significant. I have more British units that need painting but I need to do more research to determine if I have the correct figures! I'm more than happy with what I have painted so for and by the end of the Painting Challenge my Anglo Zulu War project will be in full swing.     


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