Wednesday 27 September 2017

Casualty Dice Holders

This week I have spent a little time working on some casualty dice holders. Over at Reject HQ we always use small 5mm d6's to keep track of casualties, the problem is we keep knocking the pesky things over. I'm still working on writing up a simple set of Zulu Wars rules and its clear that I'll need to record casualties in the same way, so a handy solution to the dice problem was urgently needed. At first I was considering making my own but quite by chance I found the ideal solution on eBay. Minibits make a range of laser cut mdf dice frames for different size dice so I bought a load suitable for 5mm dice. Yesterday I spent an hour sticking them to round bases and painting and flocking them. 

I would have liked to share a picture of these dice holders containing some actual dice but you'll just have to use your imagination. I have bought a load of 5mm six sided dice from a company in Hong Kong (a ridiculously cheep purchase on eBay) but I think the carrier pigeon delivering them is walking the route! 


  1. Nice work on these Lee. In case it's easier than ordering through Ebay, Minibits is part of Pendraken so you should be able to order direct through them.

  2. Very nice! I really should get my rear in gear and do something similar like this.


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