Monday 16 January 2012

Miniature Wargames - Issue 346

Following on from yesterdays magazine review here's another! The February issue of Miniature Wargames caught my eye because it includes an article about Normandy scenarios. D-Day and the battle for Normandy is my 'Period' and I couldn't walk past this issue without picking it up. Worse still when I saw the cover I squealed "Oooo D-Day!" loudly in the middle of the shop, much to my daughters embarrassment (revenge is mine!!). Moving swiftly on....

The Devils own Breakout by Graham Burke presents a series of small unit scenarios for D-Day wargames. As well as the main scenario the article lists a couple of additional ideas for games as well as notes on figure availability and paint schemes.

This months issue has the usual wide range of articles covering periods as diverse as WWII in 28mm through to Ancient Britons, the Peninsular War, the Crimean War, the First Silesian War in 10mm and even fantasy/sci-fi skirmish games. There is bound to be something of interest to most wargamers in this issue although it does make this issue feel a bit disjointed and random. Having said that the standard of the writing and the excellent illustrations throughout make this an enjoyable read.

It has occurred to me that recently I am living my hobby vicariously through wargaming magazines and I must put this right soon. The Delvers are meeting this Friday and I'm hoping to hear from the Rejects soon (hint hint) for my first Wargame of the year. Plus I'm determined to squeeze in a few FoW games with my brother-in-law pretty soon. To this end I'm determined to try and finish a couple of painting projects that have lingered half done. One idea I'm going to experiment with is taking small bits of projects into work so I can get jobs done during my lunch break (when I get one!).


  1. Have to say, I tend to hunt both this and WSS down over 'FOW Illustrated' generally due to their unbiased approach and quality of the articles.

  2. I did have this in my hand in WH Smith today but put it back for a copy of Practical Poultry for the SWMBO.......

    1. I'm disappointed in you mate. I thought you were made of sterner stuff. Your just a big Gaelic softy at heart.

  3. Practical Poultry ! What the ? ...instead of a Gaming mag ? You need to give yourself a good talking to in the mirror Lurker ! LOL :)

  4. A shame I can't buy this magazine in a store here. I would love to get this issue in my hands. *snif*


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