Saturday 10 September 2011

Big Picture : Old Boardgames

This weeks Big Picture is of two games dug out of a cupboard and pressed into service for a weekends entertainment. The Dagenham Dungeon Delvers met on Friday for our 4e DnD game. Unfortunately trouble on the trains meant our GM couldn't get to the venue which put a major spanner in the works. So the remaining Delvers played an impromptu game of Talisman. Its been a long time since any of us have played this game but we enjoyed it (and Tweeted the action).

On Saturday I also dug out an old copy of Dungeonquest and challenged the kids to a game. As usual I lost, but less said about that the better!

Not a bad weekends entertainment from games still going strong 25 years or more since I bought them.


  1. Great stuff. My mates and I used to play Talisman by candlelight back in 1990. We were 12; it was spooky at the time.

  2. I bought the new Talisman to play with the kids on Christmas and we all had great fun. An old die-hard game with new blood

  3. Ah, Talisman! One of my favorites!

  4. Really just good to get together and play something, be it Plan A or B.

    Maybe the smiles in the second pic were helped by the results?

  5. Sounds like a great weekend. Always good to get a chance to game with the kids. We managed to play several games of Mordheim, here, one of which I might have won. :)

  6. A couple of classic games. It's a good weekend when you can game both with friends and the kids.


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